I'm Sydney Feddema and I am a postpartum doula and advocate for healthier families. I found my way to becoming a doula and advocate through a sincere desire to serve my community in a meaningful way.  After the birth of my daughter, Aurora, I struggled to regain my bearings as a woman and new mother. That period in my life had a gravely negative impact on the well being of my family. My husband struggled in his new role and missed the woman who had once been full of life and so goal orientated. I struggled to bond with my new baby girl and stopped breastfeeding earlier than I would have liked do to anxiety leaving my daughter, I am sure, feeling the stress of parents who were struggling. From this experience I realized that there were very little resources at my disposal to help my family and I make our way through this time in our lives. I felt like my family and I were the only ones who had or ever would experience postpartum anxiety and depression. Information was not readily available and certainly not spoken about at ‘mom groups’ of during extra curricular activities.

During my lowest period, I had to convince my health care provider that I was not feeling myself and demand a plan be put into place to help me manage my life in a healthier way. I was forced to advocate for myself at a time when I was at my weakest. Through this self advocacy I learned what I needed and how to ask for it.

Because of these challenges and health barriers, I formed a sincere desire to serve the families in the Peace Region in a meaningful capacity through support based services. I seek to help fill the void between mother’s and healthier living through referrals, advocacy, education, and support which I believed would have been so pivotal in a healthier transition into parenthood for my husband and I. 


In an effort to create healthier starting points for new families I offer services which seek to improve the quality and functionality of life for those who are in the postpartum phase of their parenting journeys. Applying a practical, hands-one approach, Sydney Feddema Postpartum Doula will provide your family with the care and special attention they require to smoothly integrate your new infant in your family. By helping to lift the burden of daily tasks such as errand running, light house work, meal preparation, and sibling care, I will create space in your day and home allowing for ample opportunity to bond with your baby and establish your new routine. In addition to functional support, I also providing breastfeeding support, referrals to specialty services, over-night care and out-of-home support.

Providing individualized postnatal support to families in DC. Specializing in supporting families with multiples. 24h and overnight shifts available.

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